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The Cosmo Project

Ballad of the Cosmo Café

Role: Assistant Costume Designer

Costume Designer: Pamela Howard

Costume Supervisor: Georgie Long

Costume Makers: Emelia Waterman & Katie Robinson


Photography: Andrea Dondi Marchini, Denisa Katranicova, Laura Garcia Gomez, Lisa Doyle and Trevor Prince.

Makeup: Becky Farman

The Cosmo Project was a Pilot Study, done at AUB, where a study was performed that related to a costume fitting between a professional director and actor, along with a team of students who took the parts of Assistant Costume Designer, Costume Supervisor and two Costume Makers.


The goal of the costume team was to realise a costume, designed by Professor Pamela Howard, for a character called ‘Lady in Hat 2’ in the production Ballad of the Cosmo Café. My part in the project was Assistant Costume Designer, and together with the Costume Supervisor, we sourced items for the costume and then the Costume Makers changed them, so they would fit better for Pamela’s designs. An important factor of the costume was an Ascher scarf the character wore, but as we could not find an original Ascher scarf to use, I got the task to create a replica of it, which we then printed digitally.

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 16.34.43.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 16.34.12.png

Costume design by Pamela Howard.

Dress+Sketches for Cosmo Café.png

Sketches of possible changes to the dress and the dress we sourced online.


The costume completed and worn by Grace Lovelass, opera singer.

Ascher Scarf.JPG

The replica of the Ascher scarf, made by me, and the original one.


My own rendering of the completed costume.

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